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Insanely fast. Imposingly luxurious. Incredibly sporty. The super exotic Saleen S7 indefinably blends sleek style, outrageous power and genuine racing heritage - appealing to the extreme car enthusiast.

Exclusively a race car initially, Saleen S7 was introduced to the roads in 2002. Said to be the first true American supercar, it dashes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and is capable of over 200 miles per hour. Massive brakes enable the S7 to reach a complete stop from 100 mph in 11.2 seconds.

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Aerodynamic devices such as scoops and spoilers channel air currents to force the car against the road, creating a down-force exceeding the pull of gravity, which means that this visually stunning road machine can literally drive upside down at 160 mph!

Prior to 2005 the Saleen S7 was naturally-aspirated to produce 550 hp. In 2005, the Saleen S7 received a massive power boost as a result of the addition of 2 turbo chargers to the 7 liter V8 Ford engine - from an impressive 575 hp and 570 lb.-ft. of torque to a mind-blowing 750 hp and 700 lb.-ft. of torque. A specially modified version of the twin-turbocharged S7 boasting 1000 hp also became available during 2005. The 2006 model is expected to have few, if any, changes.

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The S7's light weight of 2,950 lbs. inspires such crazy acceleration and speed. The car is built with a unique hybrid of steel space frame and honeycomb composite panels, while aluminum and carbon fiber is used in certain areas. The exterior panels are made from carbon fiber - lighter, stiffer and more costly material than steel.

With a press of the start button, the Saleen S7 immediately bursts to life with a raucous rumble that encompasses fantastical performance. Easing into the throttle will surge the S7 forward with effortless ease. The superb engine generates enough thrust to frighten its driver at just about any rpm.

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The Saleen S7 is engineered to compete with the best cars in the world. It provides a distinctly American driving experience for fanatics with over half a million dollars available to splash out on this unique car of astounding speed and athleticism.

Long, wide and low - adorned with many scoops and vents - the Saleen S7 looks smuch more like a racecar than a street car. High-powered engines in super cars can prove to be quite rough at lower speeds since they're designed to perform optimally at high speeds, but the Saleen S7 is comfortably drivable at legal speeds.

Saleen S7 Engine

The Saleen S7 travels on 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels. Although it's power assisted, the S7's high-mounted rack-and-pinion steering is as precise and responsive as the brakes. The race car like cockpit features sport seats and large dials. Almost everything is adjustable including the pedals and a steering wheel to ensure a comfortable driving position.

A testament to its superb engineering, the Saleen S7 has campaigned in racing events around the globe, winning over 40 - mostly in the American Le Mans and in the FIA GT championship.

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The Saleen S7 is nothing but sensational. It's a car that's very hard to push to the limit. Ready. Set. And you're off to an unforgetabble new dimension.

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