Saleen Mustang S281

Saleen Mustang

One of the first things to grab your attention to the beautiful Saleen range of cars, is the Mustang S281's extremely dramatic styling - standing proudly in Saleen's renowned lengthy hood and shorter rear deck not to forget the traditional rear wheel driving. You'll feel like you're instantly ready to launch, even when the S281 is still stationary.

Saleen Mustang S281

The Saleen Mustang S281 stands out on its own, but also resembles a close family member in the aerodynamic design of its front grille, as well as its rear spoiler and diffuser - this resemblance is found in its brother, the mid-engine exotic S7 super car. Top speed performance of the Saleen Mustang S281 is also achieved through improvements determined via much testing and racing of the S7.

Saleen S281's come in either as a Coupe or Convertible, with 3 versions as follows:

  • S281 (3 Valve) - Customized by Saleen technicians with perfect handling, steering and braking performance.
  • S281-SC (Supercharged) - Twin-screw supercharger design, incredible horsepower and torque, plus on-demand power and road-hugging suspension.
  • S281-E (Extreme) - 550hp of extreme distinct styling and performance.

Saleen S281

Each Saleen Mustang has been tweaked in terms of front and rear styling, with power being increased, modified suspension changes, improved braking components, and a differentiated interior. Pricing for the S281 starts at about $38,000 and can reach over $50,000 for the Extreme version.

The 2005 Saleen S281 was unveiled at the 2004 California Auto Show in Anaheim. It was Saleen's first all-aluminum 281 cubic in. 3-valve V8 4.6 l engine producing 325 hp, a new suspension, an advanced MacPherson strut design, a 3 link live rear axle and Panhard rod, with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Less weight on the car's nose resulted in improved overall weight distribution. Be sure to check out the huge and handsome 7 spoke alloy rims, integrated turn signals, HID headlights, and Saleen Racecraft suspension.

Saleen S281

The interior of the S281 boasts incredible suspension and aerodynamics, with specially bolstered sport seats for better support when taking corners. In addition, the formidably gripping brake and throttle pedals are perfectly placed for effortless heel-and-toe down shifting. Other features are the exclusive Saleen gauges, a short-throw shift lever, special trim and floor mats as well as the personal touch of a Saleen numbering plaque on the dashboard.

The new 2006 Saleen Mustang S281 is based on the 2005 version, with an inspired boost to 435hp for this supercharged 3-valve V8 racing machine. A new 'cool tops' line has also been introduced in 2006, which comprises a Saleen Speedster with a tonneau cover and sport bar, and a Saleen Scenic Roof is available as well.

Sports car enthusiasts seek high performance show stopping road rippers when deciding on which is their preferred creation. The Saleen S281 has been wind-tunnel tested and approved for its ultimate perfection in the super car arena. Simply fire the engine up, and this monster awakes with an angry growl - and you can't help but to smile.