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Specialist car manufacturer Saleen Incorporated was started by Steve Saleen in 1983 in the USA. Steve's passion for fast cars was exposed when his father bought a Porsche and he began taking interest in auto crossing and racing. The founder was formerly a professional racing car driver with a business degree and experience in his dad's manufacturing business - all which helped Steve build his company, which targets a niche car enthusiast market. Steve went into the SCCA pro series, after which he moved into Indy car racing.

Saleen is dedicated to creating limited edition high performance sports cars, producing and marketing an extensive performance parts line plus additional designing, engineering as well as certification services. Saleen is classified as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the automotive industry. The manufacturing of Saleen cars is in line with governmental guidelines to ensure safety and quality, as well as emissions compliance. Saleen Incorporated promises extreme performance, expressive styling, exclusivity, exceptional value, and experience.

The majority of Saleen cars are newly improved versions of mass produced vehicles, for example the Ford Mustang, with some tweaking to the appearance, power, handling and braking to improve the performance of these types of existing sports cars. Steve Saleen utilized his past Mustang racing experience to improve the handling, enhance the vehicle aerodynamics, and modernize the interior further - which all distinguished the Saleen cars from the ordinary Ford Mustang. Saleen has performed its magic on an extensive range of Ford products ranging from the Focus to the Thunderbird. Over 8,000 modified Mustangs have been manufactured by the company since 1984 when the first Saleen Mustang was ready to be sold. The year 2000 saw the birth of the Saleen S7 - the first of Steve's productions which was not based on a previously-existing platform.

In 2003 car giant Ford selected Saleen as a key Ford GT supplier. Saleen subsequently developed a huge manufacturing facility in Troy, Michigan to provide their services to Ford - having the capability to produce on demand show cars like the critically acclaimed 2005 Ford Mustang GT-R.

Saleen cars became popular almost instantly -128 cars were built in 1985, 199 in 1986, 278 in 1987, and growth continued into the late 1980's. In the early 1990's Saleen Incorporated restructured and experienced some low points - in 1992 only 17 cars, which are now extremely valued and difficult to find, were produced. But Saleen has grown incredibly since, and presently boasts a substantial share of the super car market.

Saleen's have developed over the years, and the current model range is as follows:

  • Saleen S7TT - 750 hp twin Turbo S7. Mid-engine super car.
  • Saleen S7R - Racing S7 version.
  • Saleen S281 3-valve - 330 hp modified Ford Mustang.
  • Saleen S281 SC - 435 hp super charged S281.
  • Saleen S281 Extreme - 550 hp modified Mustang. Saleen-built V8 engine to replace the Ford Engine.
  • Saleen S281 Scenic Roof - 3-valve, SC, and Extreme editions. Mustang with a glass roof panel.
  • Saleen N2O Focus - Ford Focus ready to use with nitrous oxide systems.
  • Saleen S331 - 450 hp performance sport truck based on the Ford F-150.

It's all about speed. So what really differentiates a Saleen from competitors? Saleen's are all about the handling - and only by driving one of these beauties will you realize the true meaning of exhilaration!