Pagani Zonda F Roadster

How does the idea of owning the fastest and most exclusive Roadster with the greatest power and biggest price tag sound? Tempting isn't it. Well if it's outstanding drivability and performance you're after then look no further. The Pagani Zonda F Roadster screams a whirl of emotions - you can almost hear this Italian masterpiece's heart beating within its soul.

Super car manufacturer Pagani built its top model, the Pagani Zonda F Roadster, as a tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio, a legendary racing driver from Argentina who was initially involved when the company began. This radical convertible debuted in February 2006, and a limited number of 25 units were hand built at the Pagani Atelier - each costing around $650,000.

So how does this desirable vehicle differ to other Pagani showpieces? It has some similarities to the coupe, but with a few distinguishing features that sets it apart from almost everything else. AMG power upgrades in the Mercedes 7.3 l, 650 hp, 780 nm, 575 lb ft V-12 engine are present, while the roof disappears and the finest work of removable-top carbon fibre art and canvas side curtains fills its place - the resulting look is stunning and the aerodynamics are uninterrupted, with the entire assembly weighing only 11 pounds to maintain curb weight close to 2800 pounds. In addition this Roadster has a new intake tract plus a hydro formed steel and titanium muffler.

The Pagani Zonda F can be regarded as a handcrafted Italian jewel, as opposed to just a racing car. It is so beautiful that it's almost scary. The sinuous bodywork obtains prominence from the sharp edges and stylish lines - immediately showing its amazing potential. Underneath the Roadster F's sexy skin is a luxurious interior of high level craftsmanship with a superb view from the cockpit - a combination of carbon fibre, leather and smoothly polished aluminium. Not to mention the incredibly efficient handling - monitoring everything that happens to each wheel.

The light yet rigid vehicle body accelerates from 0 - 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds, with a top speed of 214 mph - now that's superfast open top motoring at its best. The Zonda F Roadster's weight of 2712 lbs is virtually the same as that of the coupe. Safety reinforcement of a chrome-molybdenum alloy roll-bar is a distinguishable addition on the Zonda F Roadster.

The Pagani sense of style boasts a fantastic iteration of the Zonda in its F Roadster. And with the technological superiority, construction reliability, and the unmatched pleasure and excitement that this pedigree machine has to offer, it's no wonder the Pagani Zonda F Roadster leads a legion of passionate admirers to regard this piece of genius as an object of desire. Every Zonda F Roadster is truly a sight to behold - it's a symphony of magnetic beauty, sensuality, aesthetic elements, aggressiveness, smells and sounds that perfectly match the taste and personality of the fortunate driver.