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Throughout most of the 1970s and the entire 1980s the Lamborghini Countach was considered by many to be the pre-eminent high-end sports car in the world. Celebrities, world leaders and those of vast means all considered them the perfect status symbol. Italian in design, the Lamborghini Countach was one of the most powerful and desirable cars of its kind, and still maintains an aura of exclusivity to this very day.

It was not the first high-end sport car to introduce the sleek and narrow wedge design, but no car made the style more popular or desirable. The Countach name is actually slang from Northwestern Italy that is an exclamation a man might make when they see an attractive woman. The car was lauded for its sexy styling, and smooth lines from the very first prototype, "Countach", indeed.

During its nearly twenty year reign on the high-end sports car scene, the Lamborghini Countach was available in many different models. Included Countach models were: the LP500, LP400, LP400S, LP500S, LP500S QV and the Anniversario. The Anniversario was a special edition that was introduced in September of 1998. Only 657 of the Countach 25th Anniversario models were ever made, but this was almost a third of the total Countach's ever produced. While the car's development over twenty years did become more refined and more powerful, the visual appeal remained virtually unchanged.

Some of the styling features that made the Lamborghini Countach unique were the doors that lifted up and out from the car. Later models of Lamborghinis may have been technically superior in terms of performance, but none of them would capture the beauty or sex appeal of the Countach. Speaking of performance, though, the car was no slouch on the road. It was driven by a Lamborghini V12 engine, and the original models had a 4.0 liter engine, but later models eventually have a larger 5.0 liter engine displacement available. Even with the philosophy of the Countach being based on sex appeal, they were still one of the fastest cars in the world.

Lamborghini only ever made 2,042 of the Countach models. This means there has always been a limited supply of one of the hottest and most desirable cars in the history of automobiles. The Countach is still considered a status symbol today and getting your hands on one is as difficult as ever. If you do manage to get a hold of one, stop on by and let me take it for a spin.