Koenigsegg Logo

Koenigsegg is an exotic sports car manufacturer which is located in Sweden. Though the headquarters of the company were originally based in Olofström, it has now been changed to Margretetorp. The company was started in 1994, and was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg. The goal of the founder was to produce supercars which could compete with well known brands such as Ferrari, Mclaren, and Porsche.

The sports cars built by Koenigsegg utilize Formula One technology, and they have two seats with an engine which is located in the middle of the vehicle. At first, the company planned on borrowing engines from other manufacturers to use in their cars, but later decided to make their own engines from scratch. A Koenigsegg prototype was showcased by 1997, and it had went through intense testing prior to being unveiled.

The first model to be sold by the company was the CC 86, which was purchased by a customer in 2002. Four more models were sold by the end of the year. The company moved quickly, and marketed their products to Asia countries in 2002. The Koenigsegg vehicles were showcased at the Seoul Auto Show. A new model of the Koenigsegg CCR was unveiled in 2004, and the vehicle would break a production car speed record a year later with a top speed of 240 mph. A unique feature of Koenigsegg vehicles is that they can be modified to drive on in a race track environment or a standard road.

Despite all the success that the company has achieved, it hasn't been without problems. In 2003, a fire broke out at one of the plants in Sweden due to a short circuit in the kitchen. The fire spread quickly, and eventually reached the roof. It took numerous firefighters and others in order to put out the flames. Only a few cars were able to be saved, and were placed in a nearby aircraft facility.

The symbol used for Koenigsegg is a phantom, and it was used to pay respect to the Swedish fighter plane unit which operated in the country, and used a phantom for their symbol as well. Though the company is new in comparison to many of its competitors, Koenigsegg has demonstrated that they can produce world class automobiles. A number of models have been produced by the company, and the brand has gained recognition worldwide, though it isn't as well known outside of Europe as other exotic sports cars.