Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari Enzo

Drawing from the success of Ferrari Formula 1 racing and to honor the late founder of the company, 2002 saw the rolling out of the Ferrari Enzo. Proving once again that space age style and performance can go hand in hand, the Ferrari Enzo is a marvel of engineering achievement in every way.

Ferrari Enzo front

The nose of the Ferrari Enzo brings to mind the Formula 1 cars that so dominate under the company name. With the down force that only Ferrari can bring to the table, the Ferrari Enzo sticks to the road as though it were glued. The low lying body style is perfect for the necessary air cooling effects and keeps the brakes and engine at an optimal temperature. Because of this wonderful style the drag is at minimum making this the fastest road going Ferrari to ever live.

The ground effects are ahead of their time, using some new technology, they provide maximum power and overall enhancement to the speed and handling of the Ferrari Enzo. The new features of aerodynamics include two front flaps that automatically adjust to provide maximum drivability in all situations.

For the power behind the style, the Ferrari Enzo is hiding a 6 liter V12 under the hood, that is made ultra light and pumps over 380 foot pounds of torque at 3000 revolutions per minute. The injection system has automatic controls to ensure maximum dispersal of fuel to each row of cylinders and the new drive wire throttle advances the responsiveness to a peak level.

Ferrari Enzo small

Gears are anything but a problem in the Ferrari Enzo as it runs the standard six with the gear box attached to the rear of the engine. The gears are controlled by the driver with paddles behind the steering wheel to provide maximum shift comfort and speed. There is not automatic version available and few would want an automatic after feeling the raw power that the Ferrari Enzo provides.

Ferrari Enzo

To make this Ferraris Enzo extra special the company is offering to custom fit the cockpit for each owner. The owner will be invited to the plant and adjustments will be made for maximum comfort of the driver. The cockpit also comes installed with an enhanced view method that transmits the vitals of the car into the line of sight for the driver. This is a safety feature that allows the driver to monitor speed and gauges without having to take his/her eyes off the road.