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As a company, Ferrari has been in the business of building high performance sports cars for a good many years. Their classic design sports cars were first introduced in 1954 and ever since they have been a sight to see. Never before Ferrari had cars of such style and grace been seen, and throngs of people lined up to get these impressive automobiles. Enzo Ferrari, the company's founder was ahead of his time and the world new that Ferraris would be something special.

The success of Ferrari cars was only heightened when it began its import to the US. North America was eager to receive the Italian beauties and sales skyrocketed with this event. In the beginning, Fiat was the company chosen to import and sell the Ferraris to the US, but in 1990, Ferrari opened Ferrari North America, which streamlined the operation and made Ferraris easier to acquire.

In recent years there has been a surge in Ferrari car purchases, especially in the states. This is due to the desire of Americans wanting high performance and classically styled automobiles that the American automakers have no chance of ever duplicating. The overall success of Ferrari comes from the quality that they have stuck by no matter what. While their cars are not something that will sell by the millions like your standard Honda, they do have the sort of appeal that makes them highly sought after. The after-market value on every Ferrari made far exceeds that of any known automobile as they are of particular interest to the collector.

This season is going to be one for the record books for the entire company. They are debuting the 599 GTB to a hungry public. This car is sure to be a hit and has already started a buzz in the community. A recent photo shoot in Las Vegas drew thousands of people who lined up to see the next generation Ferrari.

This looks to be a banner year for the company as orders on the new 599 GTB are already breaking records. Thanks to the efforts of advertising and the recent unveiling at a National Auto Show, Ferrari is once again in a place to set the standard for the high-performance automotive world. Drawing from the success of previous years, Ferrari is no stranger to the lime light nor the finish line. To this day, Ferrari cars are the hottest choice in race cars, particularly the famous Le Mans twenty-four hour race.