Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

The Aston Martin Rapide is a coupe which has four doors and four seats. It is set to be manufactured by Aston Martin in 2007 to compete against other luxury coupes such as the Mercedes CLS. It was showcased as a concept car at an auto show in the United States in 2006. Though Aston Martin has built four door cars in the past, it has focused primarily on two door sports cars. Despite the fact that the car is in the conceptual stage, it is highly anticipated among Aston Martin fans.

The design of the Aston Martin Rapide shows that it has many similarities with the DB9 model. It has a structure which is based on the VH Platform, and it also will house a V12 engine. It is very similar to the Duratec engine used by Ford, and this gives it even strong similarities to the DB9. Despite this, a number of changes have been made which must be noted. The Rapide is a bit heavier than the DB9, and the engine has a bit more power, utilizing 480bhp rather than the 450bhp which is used by the DB9.

The tranmission system of the Aston Martin Rapide has also been calibrated to support the extended wheelbase of the vehicle. Because the Rapide has a performance which matches the DB9 combined with more weight, it needs a braking system which is much more powerful. The engineers at Aston Martin have solved this problem by offering brakes which are powerful enough to match up to the combined weight and performance of the car. The braking units are made from a high grade carbon material, and this marks the first time in the history of the company that this has been done.

The Aston Martin Rapide is an impressive car which has a predatory look. When you see the car, it is obvious that it is an Aston Martin, but it has a look which is sleek, powerful, and fast. The Rapid is also the definition of what a luxury sedan is supposed to be. This car has been designed to compete with the likes of the Bentley Continental, a luxury sedan which costs nearly $200,000. Little at this time is known about the car, but more details will be unveiled in the future.

Because it is designed to compete with the likes of the Bentley Continental, it is likely that the Rapide will be priced accordingly. The V12 engine in the car will insure that it has the power and performance seen in other Aston Martin vehicles.